In February and March 2018, the GLC visited four regional Queensland locations as part of our special seminar series Do we all belong? The series was designed to assist Queensland teachers, curriculum leaders and support staff develop globally aware students who are critically literate, socially connected and ethically responsible.

Participants provided feedback to the GLC on further professional development opportunities and resources.  This page summarises the feedback and targeted resources by region and theme.


Several key themes have emerged from the GLC Regional Seminars.  Broadly speaking, teachers were looking for support in five areas:

  • Teaching EAL/D students, and students from culturally diverse backgrounds
  • Increasing their own knowledge of linguistic and cultural diversity in Australia
  • Local Indigenous knowledge
  • Creating safe places to discuss controversial issues
  • Links with community organisations in their regions

Further professional development in these regions includes: access to the GLC Online modules and webinars; ‘Reconciliation Conversation Starters’ demonstrating how to teach controversial issues; links to resources for each region.

Resources by region

Resources by theme

Reconciliation Conversation Starters

In response to recommendations from educators in 4 regional Queensland locations the GLC has created a new resource, ‘Reconciliation Conversation Starters for the Globally Engaged Classroom and Staffroom’. View examples of ways to embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in your classroom or staffroom, with a global focus using Harvard University’s Visible Thinking Approach.


The purpose, curriculum connection, pedagogy and enquiry questions which frame Reconciliation Starters.

PDF with links:  Introduction to Global Citizenship Education and Visible Thinking Routines


How does the ‘Greatest Show On Earth’ connect us to the roots of injustice experienced by the Bwgcolman people?

PDF with links: Townsville

Mount Isa

How can the streets of Myanmar and Mount Isa help us better understand homelessness?

PDF with links: Mt Isa


Who owns indigenous artefacts? From Canada to Cairns

PDF with links: Cairns


What is in a name? The rise and fall of Jim Crow from the USA to Rockhampton

PDF with links: Rockhampton