Reconciliation Conversation Starters

Reconciliation Conversation Starters

The GLC’s latest resource Reconciliation Conversation Starters was developed in response to recommendations from educators who attended our 2018 regional Queensland workshops. Teachers reported a need for greater knowledge and understanding along with strategies to support the development of multiple perspectives in classroom discussions. This was deemed especially important in addressing contemporary issues impacting the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

This resource equips teachers, curriculum leaders and support staff with tools to develop in students a global persective and critical thinking skills using Harvard University’s Visible Thinking Approach. Access in your own time five mini-lectures supporting ready-to-use case studies aligned with the Australian Curriculum and other relevant curriculum documents. Use the resource as a reflection tool in professional discussions as you plan for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives across the curriculum.


The purpose, curriculum connection, pedagogy and enquiry questions which frame Reconciliation Starters.

PDF with links:  Introduction to Global Citizenship Education and Visible Thinking Routines


How does the ‘Greatest Show On Earth’ connect us to the roots of injustice experienced by the Bwgcolman people?

PDF with links: Townsville

Mount Isa

How can the streets of Myanmar and Mount Isa help us better understand homelessness?

PDF with links: Mt Isa


Who owns indigenous artefacts? From Canada to Cairns

PDF with links: Cairns


What is in a name? The rise and fall of Jim Crow from the USA to Rockhampton

PDF with links: Rockhampton