Professional Learning

Global Citizenship Education: a passport to social cohesion

The GLC is proud to be asked by the Department of Premier and Cabinet to deliver a comprehensive professional learning program as part of the Queensland Government’s cohesive communities strategy. Over the next 12 months, the GLC will deliver the program Global Citizenship Education: a passport to social cohesion to support Queensland educators working in various sectors including early childhood, schools and TAFE.

The program will consist of a series of online professional development materials, which will be easily accessible to educators interested in enhancing their knowledge and expertise in global citizenship education.

Materials are designed to improve educator understanding of global citizenship and how to embed social cohesion within the curriculum. Online materials will be supplemented by face-to-face support for educators in specific regions.

Key Features

Accessible professional development and showcasing best practice

  • Accessible professional development

    • Accessible professional development: to raise awareness, knowledge and understanding about educating for social cohesion and global citizenship.
      1. Six online modules developed in partnership with Griffith University Learning Hub. First delivery will be available in October 2017. Registrations from mid-September (limited to 100 participants). Second delivery will be scheduled in early 2018. Modules include:
    • Who do we think we are? An examination of Australia’s multifaceted identity and what this means for the educational enterprise now and in the future.
    • How does our diversity strengthen social cohesion and resilience? An examination of our multicultural history and the benefits it has delivered for social cohesion.
    • Do we all belong? An examination of the issues relating to immigration and cultural diversity revealed in the 2015Scanlon-Monash Index of Social Cohesion and the implications for educators.
    • How can Global Citizenship Education build capacity to strengthen social cohesion? An examination of Global Citizenship Education as an approach for strengthening the conditions required to build strong, safe and cohesive learning communities.
    • Case studies of best practice in Global Citizenship Education. Snap shots of the evolving journeys of three-award winning and globally engaged schools.
    • Key strategies for your Global Citizenship Education tool kit. A showcase of four pedagogies and various curriculum materials effective in a variety of educational settings.
      1. Five face-to-face regional and remote seminars incorporating a needs assessment to ascertain site-specific challenges. February – March 2018.
      2. Tailor-made resources targeting challenges to effective practice as revealed by regional seminars.  February – March 2018.
  • Showcasing educating for social cohesion in action

    To build capability to plan for and review teaching for social cohesion.

    • Five vignettes featuring best practice in global citizenship education. December 2017.
    • Three action research projects within educational settings to support rigorous application of social cohesion principles into teaching practice.  January – June 2018.
    • Five webinars sharing practice based on action research outcomes. April- June 2018.

Queensland Government’s Cohesive Communities: an action plan for Queensland 2016-18.

This action plan “to build social cohesion contributes to the government’s commitment to building safe, caring and connected communities, and has been developed with key consideration given to:

  • strengthening community cohesion and resilience
  • reducing marginalization
  • addressing anti-social behaviour and behaviour that may lead to violence or physical harm to others.”

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