GLC Professional Learning Programs

The GLC provides a selection of Professional Learning (PL) programs for pre-service, early years, primary and secondary school educators. The aim of our PL programs is to strengthen the capacity of educators to effectively implement Global Citizenship Education. Why? In order to thrive in a world undergoing deep transformation there is growing international emphasis on the need to prepare our young people with ‘global competencies’. The emerging field of Global Citizenship Education (GCE) provides educators with globally focused educational practices to develop students of all ages as active participants in a diverse, interconnected and interdependent global community.  

The GLC ensures that each PL program meets the requirements set down in the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and the National Quality Standard (for early childhood educators). Participants can access programs as stand-alone experiences or select a combination of offerings to ensure a deeply immersive professional learning experience. Participants receive a completion certificate identifying the numbers of hours of Continuing Professional Development (CDP) and the elements satisfied within the professional standards.

In 2016 the GLC was a finalist in Queensland Multicultural Awards for Employment, Education and Training Innovation. If you would like to know more about the following PL programs offered by the GLC contact:

Alisa Cleary e:    m: 0423 556 249

GCE Consultancy

Effective Global Citizenship Education (GCE) is not just a curriculum issue; it requires the involvement of all members of an education community. Our expert global education consultants provide guidance and resources to education leaders and teachers. Our focus is to achieve a shared vision, goals and objectives for global citizenship. We offer practical tools for planning and monitoring a school-wide approach to GCE.  The GLC also supports education communities to undertake global education initiatives, which involve collaboration with the local and broader community.

The GLC’s mentorship contributed to state awards received by: Cleveland District State High School (2016 Queensland Showcase State Award for Excellence in Global Engagement), Woodridge State School (2016 Queensland Showcase Award for Excellence in the Early and Primary Years- Global Citizenship Education – A passport to social cohesion) and St Patrick’s College, Shorncliffe (Queensland’s first Save the Children Global Peace School (2012)).

For more details about the GLC’s consultancy program contact:

Alisa Cleary e:       m: 0423 556 249

Workshops & Training

GLC workshops and training equip educators with deep knowledge, evidence-based strategies and resources to develop critically engaged global citizens. Depending on participant requirements workshops maybe one hour in duration or a full day experience, available in a variety of formats – keynote /seminar/tutorial. Our partnership with the Department of Education’s One Channel service means we can deliver workshops both face-to-face and in webinar format to educators situated in State, Catholic or Independent schools and child care centres.

The following feedback is indicative of the positive experience for participants of our signature workshop program.

A very informative seminar. You have broadened my horizon of information and understanding. I feel more inspired about supporting my future students. (Karen, Townsville)

Loved hearing about how to approach sensitive global issues. Would love to see more strategies and practical advice like this. (Ben, Rockhampton)

The session was incredibly valuable. I enjoyed the mixture between data, strategies, conversation etc., excellent.  (Mariana, Cairns)

Workshop topics include:

  1. Are you ready to develop your students as critically aware 21st century global citizens? Explore the pressing need to teach for global citizenship, the key traits global citizens need to thrive in the world today (as documented by the OECD, UNESCO, Melbourne Declaration and QCAA) and the characteristics of an outstanding globally engaged teacher.
  • How does Global Citizenship Education support the development of global competence and active global citizenship? Explore the key dimensions of Global Citizenship Education (GCE), its alignment with relevant strategic and curriculum initiatives and resources to support the globally engaged teacher.
  • How does the application of global pedagogies enhance student engagement and learning outcomes? Investigate various approaches to develop skills in evaluating and discussing potentially controversial issues. Examine ‘Citizenship and Muslim Perspectives’ to address how religious literacy shapes critical engagement with the media. Learn about the impact of Harvard University’s Project Zero ‘Visible Thinking Approach’ to develop a school–wide culture of thinking and citizenship.
  1. Who do we think we are and do we all belong? Examine discriminatory trends that pose challenges to Australia’s social cohesion and have implications for the educational enterprise. Apply evidence-based strategies aligned with the Early Years Learning Framework and P–10 Australian Curriculum to address social and cultural challenges in local contexts.

In addition to our signature program the GLC can tailor workshops to strengthen the delivery of a global perspective within a variety of key learning areas, aligned with the Australian Curriculum general capabilities and or cross-curricula priorities.  Perspectives for these workshops include deepening teacher knowledge, understanding and practice about:

  • Globalisation and interdependence
  • Identity and cultural diversity
  • Social justice human rights
  • Peace building and conflict resolution
  • Sustainable futures.

For more details about our Global Citizenship Education Workshops & Training program contact:

Alisa Cleary e:   m: 0423 556 249

Action Research

The GLC’s Teachers leading learning in Global Citizenship Education action research program supports participants to develop their capacity to:

  • Effectively plan for and implement a strategy to incorporate Global Citizenship Education (GCE) in their teaching context
  • Take a leadership role in GCE and empower colleagues to be globally minded educators
  • Generate evidence-based practice to inform future professional learning requirements for GCE.

Participants undertake a minimum 10-week action research cycle of ‘planning’, ‘acting and observing’ and ‘reflecting’.  During this process the GLC will support participants to establish: a pedagogical focus, objectives, research method and evaluation tools. During implementation the GLC will support participants with online and face-to-face mentorship as required. Following the critical reflection stage the GLC will support participants to showcase new understandings with colleagues during a 45-minute presentation.

I have found many benefits in engaging in the Action Research Project – scaffolding for me, recording of reflections and my participation in a reflective Webinar. It gave me great insight into running a program involving the complex but dynamic interactions between parents, children and volunteer staff.  (Charles, St Paul’s School, Bald Hills)

Find out more about Global Citizenship Education action research at St Paul’s School Bald Hills, St Patrick’s College Shorncliffe and Kirwan State High School Townsville.  Be inspired by Teachers leading learning in Global Citizenship Education in Queensland schools. Contact Alisa Cleary e:   m: 0423 556 249