Inspiring the Global Teen Brain

Action research at Kirwan State High School, Townsville

As a member of the Council of International Schools (CIS), Kirwan State High is committed to developing its students as citizens of the world.

In 2017, the school introduced its Global Leadership Academy for aspirational and inquisitive students in Year 7. Throughout Years 7–10, participating students will undertake extensive leadership training in cross-cultural skills, understanding international issues, and socially conscious leadership for positive change, preparing them to be young leaders of tomorrow.

A modified version of the Human Technologies Curriculum is one of six compulsory core subjects delivered through the academy. Developed by the International College of Hong Kong, this subject offers students a toolkit for becoming better human beings in an ever-changing world.

Action Research Project – Human Technologies

This action research project will evaluate the impact on student learning of an explicit global perspective approach to the Year 8 Term 2 Human Technologies Curriculum.

Project objectives

An explicit global perspective approach to the Human Technologies Curriculum will support Year 8 students participating in the Global Leadership Academy to:

  • better understand the developmental challenges of adolescence in the context of teenagers globally
  • develop an appreciation of strategies that assist with effective decision-making to meet the challenges of adolescence and promote civic-mindedness.

Lead teacher

The project is co-led by Karen Andersen, Head of Department, Teaching and Learning, and Joanne Thomson, Pedagogical Coach.  For Karen and Joanne, collaborating with the GLC is an opportunity to bring fresh, globally engaged approaches and resources to the evolving Human Technologies Curriculum.

Project evaluation

Surveys and interviews with students before and after the research cycle will be used to evaluate the impact of a global perspective approach to the Human Technologies Curriculum. Student work samples and assessment will also inform the course evaluation.

About Kirwan State High School, Townsville

Kirwan State High School, located in Townsville, North Queensland, is a large, diverse school with more than 2000 students. With a focus on preparing students as global citizens, the school’s curriculum is infused with the concepts of international mindedness and intercultural understanding.

‘We are “A School for Everybody” and we celebrate our strong tradition of inclusivity and diversity.’

– Kirwan State High School

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