Globally Engaged Middle Leaders Program

Developing global competencies for next-level leadership

In our rapidly changing world, a global perspective is vital for individuals to thrive and for societies to progress without leaving anyone behind.

Schools play a crucial role in developing this perspective by supporting young people to become individuals who can:

  • examine local, global and intercultural issues
  • understand and appreciate different perspectives and world views
  • interact successfully and respectfully with others, and
  • take responsible action toward sustainability and collective wellbeing.

Middle leaders in schools in particular are in a prime position to influence their school’s culture by supporting the school’s strategic direction and empowering others to embed global perspectives and competencies in daily teaching and learning.

In recognition of this, the Globally Engaged Middle Leaders Program aims to equip middle leaders with the knowledge and capabilities in leadership and global competencies to foster school cultures responsive to the compelling realities of a globalised world.

This program is delivered by the Queensland Education Leadership Institute (QELi) in partnership with the GLC, funded by the Queensland Catholic Education Commission (QCEC).

Who is this program for?

The Global Engaged Middle Leaders Program is designed for middle leaders in both formal and informal leadership positions in primary and secondary Catholic schools across Queensland.

Participants build their confidence, capabilities and competence in leadership for global citizenship to influence strategic priorities and classroom practices within their school environment.

In addition, the program connects middle leaders from Catholic School Authorities across Queensland and supports participants to establish and sustain collaborative and wide-reaching professional learning networks.