Geography professional learning 2016

Primary geography seminar program  secondary geography SEMINAR program

Workshop 1. Introducing a world of wonder in P-10 Geography.

A key aim of the Australian Curriculum: Geography is to nurture ‘a sense of wonder, curiosity and respect about places, people, cultures and environments throughout the world’. If you are new to the delight of teaching geography or have become a little stale or rusty we will ignite your passion. You can anticipate complimentary resources to enhance the delivery of the Geography curriculum in the P-10 classroom.

Workshop 2. Using children's fiction to introduce globe and mapping skills to Prep-3 students.

Participants will investigate children's literature as a means of building an interest in the wider world whilst introducing and developing globe and mapping skills. Reading and understanding maps are fundamental to students’ currency as global communicators and helps build their skills in the general capabilities of literacy, numeracy, and personal and social capability.  A number of picture books featured in the Global Learning Centre library will be the focus for this session and participants will receive complimentary resources to build their library of global education resources.

                                                         Workshop 3. Using global resources to enhance geographical thinking.
The Australian Geography Curriculum aims to develop in students ‘the ability to think geographically’. This session familiarizes attendees with the seven key geographical concepts through a variety of techniques such as role-play, graphic organisers, games, and visual resources that enhance C2C guidelines and/or other school-based unit plans. Attendees will have the opportunity to workshop techniques using global education materials targeted to their specific year level. This professional learning workshop can be delivered as a discrete session or in conjunction with Session 1.

Workshop 4. Teaching about other countries in the primary and middle years.

Are you prepared to teach about other countries with a dynamic view of culture, or could you be stuck in a groove, which may present places as homogenous, fixed in time and place? This workshop introduces primary and middle years educators to an effective model for teaching about other countries. The session aims to: develop a greater understanding of what makes a country; improve teaching practice in relation to teaching about other countries; establish a framework for learning about any particular country; and introduce strategies to develop mapping skills. 

Workshop 5. Biopiracy or Bio-prospecting in the Australian Curriculum geography year 10.

In this hands-on workshop participants will have the opportunity to use the Development Compass Rose to explore some of the issues of stewardship facing the global community, particularly biodiversity. The workshop specifically meets the requirements for the Year 10 Australian Geography Curriculum Unit: Environmental change and management. The teaching strategies explored in this session can easily be adapted to use in other contexts. By way of example, the session will focus on the environmental and cultural implications of the extraction of the Peruvian cinchona plant used in the development of quinine, a treatment for malaria.

Workshop 6. Geographies of Human Wellbeing.

An essential element of effective global citizenship is to understand the political, social, economic and environmental factors that influence the human condition.  Issues such as poverty, gender equity and social stability are complex and we need to have a true understanding of all the elements that contribute to human wellbeing. Based on the latest publication from the Global Education Project (GEP), Geographies of Human Wellbeing, and closely aligned with Year 10 of the Australian Geography Curriculum, this session will show educators how they can enhance students’ understanding of key issues using a variety of ICT and mapping techniques, enhancing their global citizenship skills, and inspiring them to take action. Participants at this session will receive a free copy of the latest GEP resource.


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