School Leaders

How effectively does your school embrace the principles of global education?   

Global education can motivate and engage students in critical and creative ways with real-world issues, providing them with the knowledge, skills, motivation and confidence they will need to become effective global citizens.

Approaches are directly aligned with the disciplines, cross-curriculum priorities and general capabilities of the Australian Curriculum and QCAA.

Effective global education requires the involvement of the whole school so that it can be embedded throughout school life;

  • as a school ethos;
  • as an approach to teaching and learning across the curriculum;
  • through practical ideas for assemblies and classrooms;
  • and through involvement of non-teaching staff, parents and the wider community.

In consultation with school leaders the GLC can determine a strategy of support which may include delivering an introductory session at a staff meeting, workshops with year levels and faculty groups and ongoing curriculum advice as needed. Click on the following flyer with the latest on how the GLC can support your school with a whole-of-school approach to global education.

The St Patrick's College Shorncliffe Story

On September 21, 2012 St Patrick‚Äôs became the first school in Queensland to become a Global Peace School and now proudly fly the United Nations flag. Critical in achieving membership to the program was the development of a whole-school approach to global education emphasising justice and peace. Click on the following document to read about how the GLC supported St Pat's on their journey to authentically and rigorously build a community committed to justice and peace. 

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