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Issue 3, 2016
Global Learning Centre
Leading the Global Education movement since 1986 

End-of-year greetings to our members and followers.  We are pleased to announce some exciting news from the Global Learning Centre from 2016 and for 2017.

Showcase Winners!  Global Citizenship Mentor Alisa Cleary with Queensland Education Minister Kate Jones,  Woodridge State School Principal Garry Molloy, Woodridge State School Head of Curriculum Teresa Stedman, Deputy Principal Jayne Tattum, DET Director-General Dr Jim Watterston


AGM news from the Chair

Rosanne Bray-White

The GLC’s Annual General Meeting was held on 11 November 2016 and included the election of a number of new office bearers following the resignation, after years of dedicated service, of the Chairperson, Jim Tunstall, the Vice Chairperson Ian Demack and the Treasurer, Lorraine Dinsey. On behalf of the newly elected Management Committee, I would like to sincerely thank Jim, Ian and Lorraine for their significant contribution over the years in providing leadership and direction during both stable and challenging times for the GLC.

As Chair of the Global Learning Centre, I am delighted to announce that Adele Rice, who has been on our Management Committee for a number of years nominated and was elected Vice Chairperson for the upcoming year. I am also very delighted that Barbara Henderson, who has been our wonderful Secretary for many years has again nominated for this position. 

All of our committee members volunteer their valuable time to support the work of the GLC and will continue to do so in 2017.


The GLC 2017:

In partnership with 

Woodridge State School

In 2017, the GLC will once again be working at Woodridge State School to support the leadership team and staff to deliver a number of key projects under the banner “Woodridge State School: School of excellence in global citizenship education – supporting twenty- first learning for a cohesive society”. We are thrilled to be continuing our relationship with Woodridge State School next year to assist the school to deliver on this important initiative.

Alisa Cleary will continue to support the consolidation of the Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS) program, as well as working with the school’s leadership team to develop a school network to share the learnings and showcase the strategies developed by the school in global citizenship education. In 2016, this work was supported by The English Family Foundation

Nena Morgante will also be bringing her expertise to the school in Semester One to support resource development, including reviewing existing HASS planning documents and sourcing, collating and compiling resource collections.


Woodridge State School 

Cleveland District State High School


2016 Showcase Awards for Excellence in Education 

The GLC would like to congratulate two of this year’s WINNERS of the State Showcase Awards for Excellence in Schools. We are very proud to have supported Woodridge State School, who won the Network Ten Showcase Award for Excellence in the Early and Primary Years with their submission Global Citizenship Education - passport to social cohesion. We are also delighted for Cleveland District State High School, winners in the International Showcase Award for Excellence in Global Engagement with their submission Embedding Global Perspectives into School Culture. 


Thank you!

The Siganto Foundation 

Three sessions in our Educating for a Cohesive Society webinar series were delivered on Monday 17th October via OneChannel (Department of Education's online Professional Development service). Alisa Cleary presented the sessions alongside Elizabeth Black and Nandini Dutta from Woodridge State School. Moderation/Support for the presentations was provided by Nena Morgante, along with Sue Bellaby from OneChannel, who also provided Technical support. 

On the day, over 30 participants joined us for the 'live' sessions. These sessions have been recorded, with over 65 participants viewing these recordings. 

OneChannel are in the process of converting the recordings into another, more accessible format, which will enable us to promote the program further afield.

We were very pleased to have teachers joining us on the day from Tagai State College (Thursday Island), Maryborough, as well as Pre-Service Education students.

The feedback from the sessions was very positive. On the 17th October, OneChannel hosted 32 programs: Educating for a Cohesive Society was the 4th most popular session. Quite an achievement.

On Thursday 17th November, we concluded our series with a final session, delivered from Woodridge State School.  We were inspired by those who shared their work with us on the day. Joy Schultz, a respected educator and long-time supporter and member of the GLC, wrote:

I think that this is extremely valuable work. If every student could begin to consistently use these practices, what a thoughtful and well-informed public we could hope for in the future!

 This is visible metacognition – Nena’s Year 1/2 class working on comparisons and connections; Alex’s Year 4’s Circle of Viewpoints routine getting kids to take on perspectives to develop empathy; and Sonya’s Year/8 class doing social geography through art to try to break inaccurate perceptions. Great stuff. I can hear in the teacher’s voices how motivated they are about this capacity-building exercise. Practice in these thinking tools each year should lead to them becoming fully internalised even before they reach secondary school – how exciting.

Australian Human Rights Awards 2016

On Friday 9th December, GLC representatives Alisa Cleary, Rosanne Bray-White and Nena Morgante attended the Australian Human Rights Awards, which also marked 30 years since the formation of the Australian Human Rights Commission.   These awards acknowledge the outstanding contribution of individuals and organisations in promoting and protecting human rights and freedoms.

The winner of the 2016 Human Rights Medal was Pat Anderson AO, and the recipient of the Young People’s Human Rights Medal was Arash Bordbar.

Alisa Cleary was thrilled to deliver on behalf of year 6 students at Woodridge State School hand-written messages to Deng Adut, a finalist for the Human Rights Medal.

The students had studied Deng's incredible life story as part of a History unit investigating the contributions of migrants past and present to the development of Australia. Students were profoundly moved by Deng's triumph over adversity and wished to convey how he inspired them to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Thank You!
St Mary of the Cross Primary School

Just over a year ago, the Global Learning Centre Library found a new home at St Mary of the Cross School, Windsor.  We have been extremely fortunate to have had access to this beautiful space in which to meet and greet others, whilst keeping our collection intact.  

Our sincere thanks go to Mr Matthew Beacroft (Principal) and staff of St Mary of the Cross School.  This hidden gem is proud to be a connected inner-city learning community.

The Global Learning Centre Library collection is available to members.  Contact nena.morgante@glc.edu.au for opening hours.


Network Group


Your continued support, as members of the GLC, is very much appreciated as we move into another year of program development and delivery. We still face an uncertain future, working hard to find on-going and sustainable financial support, but continue with hope and determination to support schools like Woodridge State School to deliver a strong, focused and evidenced-based approach to educating for social cohesion.

We will keep you informed of progress next year through our website at www.glc.edu.au and Twitter and Facebook. Help us spread the word by forwarding our link to your colleagues and networks!

Wishing you all a very safe and relaxing festive season and holiday and warm wishes for a very happy new year.

Rosanne Bray-White

Chairperson, Global Learning Centre


Rosanne Bray-White - coodinator@glc.edu.au

Alisa Cleary - alisa.cleary@glc.edu.au

Nena Morgante - nena.morgante@glc.edu.au

Visit our website at glc.edu.au


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