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Educating for a Cohesive Society Webinar Series

Exciting update!

Three sessions were delivered on Monday 17th October via OneChannel (Department of Education's  online Professional Development service). Alisa Cleary presented the sessions alongside Elizabeth Black and Nandini Dutta from Woodridge State School.  Moderation/Support for the presentations was provided by Nena Morgante, along with Sue Bellaby from OneChannel, who also provided Technical support.

On the day, over 30 participants joined us for the 'live' sessions.  These sessions have been recorded, and a further 65 participants have viewed these recordings over the past week.  

The feedback from the sessions so far has been very positive.  Of the 32 programs hosted by OneChannel on the 17th October, Educating for a Cohesive Society was the 4th most popular session!

Our final session in this Webinar Series was held on Thursday 17 November.

Developed through the generous support of the Siganto Foundation

Educating for a Cohesive Society 2016

The GLC begins a new chapter in partnership with Woodridge State School and the Department of Education. GLC education consultant Alisa Cleary has commenced implementing Educating for Social Cohesion pilot program with Woodridge State School. 

Follow progress at the GLC FB page or by joining Alisa on twitter

Read more about this exciting program.


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